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Jan 11, 2021

Today I will be talking with Luis Chen from Wormies in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wormies is a composting business that specializes in worm composting.

Wormies uses food scraps from over 300 households in Grand Rapids as well as local businesses, farms and stables to make clean, microbial rich worm castings. Wormies vermicompost has microbiology teaming with fungi and beneficial bacteria that is indigenous to Michigan beneficial for our Michigan farms and gardens. By carefully sourcing all of our raw inputs, we avoid persistent pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and microplastics, a common problem in most large scale composting operations. 

In the last year alone, Wormies has diverted and composted over 290 cubic yards of organics from going into landfills. We sell vermicompost, but have also started to make our own living soil blends, which is a specialty potting soil focused on beneficial microbiology. Living soil is an emerging trend in the cannabis space that has the potential to totally shift growing methods toward more sustainable, cleaner, and ultimately more healthy growing practice.

In addition, Luis is dedicated to community education and partnering with small urban farms and gardens to help them serve the community, which is why he often donates worm compost to these places while offering classes and teaching kids about composting in schools and community groups.

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